LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AUTHORITIES Dr. Brent is best known as an award-winning advocate and KEYNOTE speaker with 21 publications in 1,125 library holdings. Her books are in the Library of Congress, the libraries of the University of Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua in Venezuela, and numerous other medical centers and universities worldwide. Designated as an Editor's Choice, she received the ranking of “EXCELLENT" by the Library Journal. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]
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Carolyn A. Brent’s story can be summed up in five words: “Go big or go home.” She has combated numerous physical and emotional hardships in her life with big ideas and actions that have made a profound impact on the lives of thousands of people. She is showing the world that being a caregiver and practicing self-care must go hand-in-hand.

Overcoming an abusive childhood at the hands of her mentally ill mother, she rose to become one of the first African-American clinical education managers in the pharmaceutical industry, working with thought leaders across the country. When her beloved father took ill with dementia, she stepped away from her fast-track career to be his caregiver. Twelve years later her estranged sister made a play to oust Carolyn in that role with a series of lawsuits. Even though the courts ruled that her sister used the legal system solely to harass her, resolution was too late. Her father died without Carolyn by his side, and she was never informed of his death or final resting place. Carolyn swore never to let this happen to another caregiver and became an internationally recognized advocate on caregiver and eldercare reform.

Additionally, she made it her mission to educate caregivers and their families. Today she is the award-winning and best-selling author of five books on caregiving including The Caregiver’s Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself, which can be found in the Library of Congress as well as Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and numerous other medical centers and universities. An accomplished speaker, she hosted her own television show, Across All Ages, and is the founder of Grandpa’s Dream, a program that provides vital knowledge for the care and welfare of sick and disabled people, and Caregivers Story, a nonprofit organization that provides free medical and legal resources to the public through a compelling website that attracts more than 300,000 visitors monthly.

Threatened by health problems that have plagued her from childhood, Carolyn became focused on self-care and took up competitive bodybuilding when she was in her 60’s, winning first place in a national competition. She then established a dedicated following as a health and wellness guru and published her sixth book, Transforming Your Life through Self-Care: A Guide to Tapping into Your Deep Beauty and Inner Worth, followed by a spiritually-focused tribute to her minister father, Amazing Grace How My Father Taught Me to Rejoice In the Word of Our Father.

Currently as founder of Deep Beauty Health and Wellness University™, she continues to go big as she creates a learning and support platform for people who are looking to overcome obstacles and thrive. As Carolyn explains, “I started imagining the courageous woman I used to be. I knew once I had my thoughts and actions in alignment, I would never allow a damn thing to ever stand in the way of the God-given authority of the person I was born to be. I have fierce determination to never allow fear, naysayers, negative thoughts, stinking-thinking people or devastation hold me back again. I have the faith to believe in me again.”


Dr. Brent is an American Award-winning writer, bodybuilder, and elder-care legislation advocate. She is best known as an award-winning advocate and the author of the best-selling books. Her written works are published by Rowman & Littlefield, Harper Collins Australia/Canada, Hanover Square Press | Harlequin | HarperCollinsPublishers, Thorndike Press Large Print Books - Gale®, A Cengage Company, and Grandpa's Dream Publishing Groups.

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Brent's step-by-step guide will have you excited with your life-changing results when you are tapping into your deep beauty and inner worth.

It offers a blueprint for how to live your best life at any age, with vitality, wisdom, and grace.

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Dr. Carolyn A. Brent, is an award-winning bestselling author and a National Physique Committee (NPC) Masters Women's Figure Champion at age 60. She is an expert on both self-care and caregiving; she is the founder of Across All Ages and two nonprofit organizations, CareGiverStory Inc. and Grandpa's Dream.

Dr. Brent’s research and extensive collection of published works have made her a notable figure in her field. For seventeen years, she worked for some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and has worked as a volunteer at various assisted-living facilities.

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In April 2012, I contacted my state officials, who then directed me to the Department of the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care. Since then, I have been working assiduously with the legislature to put forward a bill, to be enacted in 2016, that would make nefarious practice of vexatious litigation against a caregiver a felony in California. After that, I plan to take my reform agenda across the United States, to all the states my father defended while fighting for our great country.

If you wish to help, contact me at my foundation, at I invite you to review my testimony in its entirety.

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