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Editorial Review
Library Journal
Reviewed on FEBRUARY 1, 2015 | Self-Help
Not limited to addressing the needs of Alzheimer’s patients, this compact manual from Brent, founder of Caregiver Story and Grandpa’s Dream, two nonprofit organizations geared toward providing comprehensive support for caregivers, walks readers through the crucial issues of moving their aging loved ones into an assisted-living facility as well as discussing emotional, medical, legal, and financial issues with them. Checklists are provided for gathering important information. A particularly helpful chapter delves into the frequent dilemma of dealing with the loved one’s resistance to even talking about these issues. VERDICT An excellent, comprehensive guide to everything both new and seasoned caregivers need to know.

“A timely, thought provoking page-turner that should be considered a desk reference for caregivers and those who would be caregivers of all ages.”
-Rawle Andrews, Jr., Esq., Regional Vice President, AARP

On behalf of the Assembly Committee on Aging and Long Term Care, thank you for your thoughtful participation in our February 19, 2013 hearing addressing choices at the end-of-life.” – Full review at link below
Mariko Yamada, Chair Aging and Long Term Care Committee  Sacramento, CA

Dear Ms. Brent, since coming to Congress it has been a priority of mine to honor the dedication of America’s veterans. I am writing to thank you for your service to our country.” – Full review at link below
Jerry McNerney, Member of Congress   Washington, DC

Thorough, accurate, and highly credible. Brent’s straightforward advice can serve as an excellent help to anyone working with siblings on parent care. I highly recommend it!” – Full review at link below
Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, R.N., attorney, author of The Boomer’s Guide to Aging Parents

Carolyn Brent is truly inspirational. Her book offers us the universal wisdom of her life lessons. Why Wait? has set a new, elevated standard for turning adversity in life to love and redemption.” – Full review at link below
Mikol Davis, Ph.D., geriatric psychologist, CEO of AgingParents.com

“Ms. Brent participated in the Installation worship service where I have been called to serve as Pastor.  She conducted a workshop  at Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri, with several church members who are caring for aging parents and loved ones.  Ms. Brent was confident, well informed, and very supportive.  Several members still consult with her, access her website, and have shared how valuable her workshop was for all of those who attended.  I have observed Ms. Brent in numerous capacities, and she continues to care for people, provide outstanding assistance to those in need, and she is always willing to share information that will help others.  The Congregation of Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church enthusiastically endorses Grandpa’s Dream as well as Carolyn Brent herself.”  – Full review at link below
The Rev. Dr. Mary Newbern-Williams, Pastor
Workshops and Presentations

The Tracy Women’s Forum Association (TWFA) celebrated its 14th Annual Women’s Conference. It was a wonderful event for us. We are especially proud of the progress we’ve  made with the conference and our association through the years. Yet we’re fully aware that our accomplishments  are not simply attributable to our great leadership or hard-working members. The success of our conference also depends on great speakers such as you. Your exceptional presentation was informative and well received by our attendees. Thank you for incorporating our theme into your presentation. Our attendees walked away from the conference inspired, motivated and ready to face the future! TWFA is dedicated to helping educate women and young ladies on the issues and challenges of today’s society; you helped us provide a great service to our community.” – Full review at link belowShawn Kish, TWFA President

What a terrific program! I heard such great comments from members of the National Association of Professional Women after hearing Carolyn A. Brent’s presentation “Why Wait? The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially and Legally for a Parent’s Death.” Her delivery was powerful, informative, direct and easy to understand. She masterfully coached and help us see the importance of not waiting until the inevitable happens but to take appropriate action to get our paperwork in order. I would highly recommend hiring her to speak to you organization. Your listeners will be inspired and appreciate her powerful message.” – Full review at link below
–Rev. Dr. Brenda S. White, Oakland CA. Chapter President, National Association of Professional Women

Reviews About Why Wait?


—Dorotha Village of Alhambra The Village, Fl 2013

With Carolyn’s dynamic insight and invaluable support, we can prepare mentally, emotionally, and strategically to make these years the absolute best they can be.” – Full review at link below
Allison Maslan, author of Blast Off!

“I feel I have gained so much from this book, and even more importantly, I feel I have gained a daughter in Carolyn… perhaps to help me get over losing two of my own.” – Full review at link below
Dorotha  Village of Alhambra The Village, Fl

“All the topics nobody wants to talk about, but absolutely must. In “Why Wait?” Carolyn Brent boldly addresses all the topics nobody wants to talk about, but absolutely must. This book is a goldmine of information not only for Baby Boomers facing the challenges of caring for their own parents, but also for children of us Baby Boomers as we begin to replace our parents as the older generation.” – Full review at link below
Lynn Serafinn “Author 7 Graces of Marketing, … (United Kingdom)

“I highly recommend this book for preparing your family for end of life decisions. It explains the do’s and don’t about the importance of living wills, trust, and power of attorney. It is a guide for babyboomers who need a tool to use for caregiving. It is a must read! Please pick up a copy on the launch date of Nov. 15th. You can even purchase a copy for your friend.” – Full review at link below
Looking In Politic

“Why Wait is a must read for all not just Baby Boomers. This book is a page turner that offers a wealth of information. It will truly inspire you to have the necessary conversation(s) with parents and siblings before it’s to late as well as communicate your wishes with your loved ones.” – Full review at link below
Meshelle Holt

“Why Wait? A solid straight forward book with a sibling’s loving perspective to help family, friends, love ones and others who care for the elderly prepare for the inevitable–life ending care of a loved one. If you have thought about this sensitive topic, this book will help you move forward to put those affairs in order”. – Full review at link below
–Jay – MPA, Training Manager, Veteran

“This is a book that is long overdue and is a must read for those who have aging parents as well as for the aging parents themselves. This book is filled with the wisdom about caring for aging parents that comes from experience and with the compassion that comes from love. Brent walked the path first and then wrote about it in an effort to help others avoid some of the pain, confusion and pitfalls she had to experience in caring for her aging father.

Our society has kept the subject of death and dying hush-hush. It wasn’t a subject we talked about as if not avoiding it would keep it from happening to us or our loved ones. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross brought it to the forefront with her revolutionary book, On Death and Dying in 1969. Since then many books about grief and grieving have been written and many websites are dedicated to the subject of grief.

There is little available, however, on how to prepare for your care when you begin to decline – becoming unable to totally care for yourself. Furthermore, there is little available to help your loved ones prepare for your decline and death. Carolyn Brent helps you find ways to do this kind of planning together BEFORE its to late to have a viable discussion. It isn’t ever pleasant but it is absolutely essential.

Brent covers such subjects as finding an acceptable long term care facility and what is expected from them and what they expect from you. She details caring for them in your home. She helps you approach the discussion about money issues, end of life directives, and care for the body after death. She talks openly about family upheavals, jealousies, interference and ultimatums. She gives encouragement to the caregiver and offers great tips on how to be a caregiver without ruining your own health in the process. In fact she touches on all those difficult and delicate issues that we don’t know how to deal with or how to approach discussing them with the ones we love. She bravely bares her own soul and emotions to describe personal experiences to make it real to you and help you see the necessity of addressing these painful subjects with all who are affected.

Why Wait? is well written, speaks to the issues without beating them to death, holds your attention and addresses critical information in an understandable way. I recommend that anyone approaching their older years read it and give it to their children. I recommend it to the children of aging parents. I recommend it to caregivers everywhere and I urge every Senior Center and geriatrics practitioner to have a copy of this book available. If you don’t have a copy, Why wait to get your copy of Why Wait?”
Irene Conlan “Irene (AZ)

“Order your copy now! Why wait? This book is very well written and empowers one to embrace end-life concerns with competency . I read it right from my phone; experiencing a page turning look into someone else’s life as I considered my own. I am an aging “sandwich” caregiver. Going forward I will use this information as both, a caregiver and to secure end-life concerns as I look forward to growing older 🙂 Thanks for putting this book in the Market ePlace.”
Love, Marsha

“It is obvious when one starts to read Why Wait? that the author Carolyn A. Brent, M.B.A. never expected to find herself in the situation she presents through the recanting of her extremely personal experiences dealing with her aging father’s life circumstances but this is exactly WHY she wrote the book. This is a baby boomer’s guide to preparing emotionally, financially and legally for a parent’s death and while Ms. Brent’s father is still alive the journey they experienced is something she hopes to spare the reader.

From the realization that the elderly need care to where to turn for help and when to allow one’s self to let go and relinquish certain responsibilities to the authorities to take over is truly a road of awareness and acceptance. Ms. Brent admits she wasn’t fully prepared for what was taking place let alone what was about to take place and the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual stress was almost more than she could bear. Allowing hers and her father’s situation to be an example for others is where she finds her strength to advocate for the aging population and their care givers.

There are currently 79 million baby boomers in the United States with an estimated 13 million of them caring for elderly parents and other family members. From recognizing when someone needs special care to being able to make informed choices and being able to have the conversations with all the important people in the decision making process this book is an informative guide offering support and direction. Chapter 7 even covers taking care of the care giver, why and how since there is such a tendency to give until the one giving is worn out that serves no one especially the elderly. Ms. Brent lists agencies and resources covering topics such as senior living, family care giving, assisted living and nursing homes, insurances and legal information.

Just under 150 pages, “Why Wait?” is a MUST for anyone who may be in the situation of caring for an elderly person, who may BE in that situation or knows someone who is a care giver for regardless of your association with this growing phenomenon, understanding your role and being able to execute it effectively makes all the difference in the world. Thank you, Carolyn A. Brent for making a positive difference in this world with your power-filled book.”
Annette Rochelle Aben, General Manager, Body, Mind Spirit Radio

Well Done and Honestly Presented!
“This book is well needed! This is one subject that we do not want to address until it is (almost) too late, by then, we have done ourselves and our families a grave injustice! I love how the author offered guidance by telling her story. This book made me think of things that I would have never thought of before. Though my parents are no longer here, I am dealing with end of life issues for another relative and the information is very helpful. I would highly recommend this book to everyone! It helps us deal with our own mortality. Thank you for writing this and sharing your story.”

“Thank you so much! I absolutely love this book! I will read it several times and refer to it often. It is a “must have” by all (young and old) as we are all going to need some kind of plan for life-end or health-end issues. The book is a very easy read. It is full of resources, scenarios, and a wealth of information that really makes you think… “Why Wait”???. I am no longer going to put off writing my will, POA, and medical directive. The book makes you really realize that we all need someone we can trust with our lives when the time comes, and it WILL come for ALL of us. I have the privilege of knowing Carolyn and “Grandpa” for about 14 years and can testify to the true love and support Carolyn gave her father and the emotional impact of taking care of him alone for years would have on her, yet, she never gave up or gave in on showing him nothing but genuine love, kindness, patience and respect. Writing this book and being an advocate for caregivers is proof of the strength and power that God has graced Carolyn with. I am so proud and honored to know Carolyn and “Grandpa” and highly recommend this book to you and yours. Death should become more of a “celebration” rather than a dreaded time, because you know you have the support and love you need to truly rest in PEACE. This book is the perfect example of what God means when He said, “Get your house in order…”. Thank you Carolyn for doing such a beautiful job in creating something that EVERYONE needs to EMBRACE!”
Melissa Harris Hayward, CA

“Much needed information,
This book puts a lot of hard to find information in one spot. Its a difficult subject that is covered in a way that is interesting and yet very informative.”

“Wonderful resource for everyone…
I loved this book! I generally hate self-help/how-to books but, this one is a true gem. The author is really right there with you. It’s so appropriate for everyone to read from the perspective that we will all be the child or, the mother or, the sister, brother, husband, parent —- someday.”

” This is a VERY helpful book. A must Read!
Let me start by saying I loved and appreciated the book. It gave soooooo much practical information and so many good resources.

While some parts gave me sad recollections of caring for my mom, other parts validated many of the things I did for and with her. My mother must have been born with a sound sense of what to do because she really prepared well so that I did not encounter the kinds of problems Ms. Brent did, and since my brother is a missing person (I haven’t heard from him for 15 years), I didn’t have the burden of some with whom to quarrel.

Reading “Why Wait” has been especially good for me because it let me see the kinds of conversations I need to have with my children and they with each other. Jodean and I need to talk about what he wants to have happen if I predecease him and/or he becomes incapacitated. I found the questions the book proposed that we boomers ask ourselves and our family members to be thoughtful and comprehensive.

This is a VERY helpful book. Thank you for choosing it, Thell. I am genuinely sad I cannot be there to join in the conversation and meet Ms. Brent. Please tell her for me that I asked my husband to read the book and he’s has agreed. I’ll be asking our adult children to read it, too, and I’ll be sending them copies. I’m grateful for the nudge in the right direction. I’ve told several friends about the book, and they are going to get it. It’s a much-needed, well organized, easy to read book on a much-needed topic.”
Thanks again, Sandy

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