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Transforming Your Life through Self-Care: A Guide to Tapping into Your Deep Beauty and Inner Worth
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I Can. We Can. Yes, We Can! Carolyn A.Brent

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May 08th 2019: His words of wisdom: “No excuses. Find a way. Believe for a miracle. Press on till you win. Don’t quit!”

Dedicated To my dad, Pastor William L. Brent, ThD: I will be forever grateful to have been blessed with him, the most wonderful and amazing parent I could have ever hoped or asked for.… Read More

Day 10:

***Day3*** MAY 08th Global Telesummit Tour⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Featured Speakers  
Blog Contributors  MAY 08th, 2019  Celebrating DEEP BEAUTYThe Importance of Volunteering | Giving Back | Rejoicing…

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