Why The World 🌎Needs To Know Carolyn A. Brent In This Season?

by Angela D. James, MBA

After spending 12 years of being the primary caregiver for her father who had been diagnosed with dementia, Carolyn A.… Read More

NTVabc❤️Caregivers—Easy Steps to Self-Care at home or office (Pt.1 & 2)

❤️ Taking Care of Yourself When You Are a Caregiver —Chapter 10  Part 1

❤️ Taking Care of Yourself When You Are a Caregiver —Chapter 10 Part 2


After going through the journey and heartache of being the family caregiver for my father for twelve years, and then enduring the pain of legal conflicts with my siblings, I ultimately asked myself a key question: What would I do differently if I could do it all over again?… Read More

Carolyn Celebrates Age 59 ❤️ Be Happy For This Moment ♦ This Is The Moment of Your LIFE ❤️

HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤️ 2016 ♦ Click Photo to Review Video

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Grandpa’s Dreams Sunday TV Marathon * National news programs from MSNBC to ABC…

Award-Winning American Author, Speaker, Radio Host &  Broadcast TV Analyst, Caregiver & Eldercare Legislation Advocate

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