DAY 8: DEEP BEAUTY Global Blog Tour—Rochester, New York: Subjects of Sabotaging discipline, Skill & Mindset and Long-term Discipline

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 Today I have the great pleasure of being the host here in Rochester, New York, USA on Day 8 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Carolyn A. Brent, whose book, “Transforming Your Life through Self-Care: A Guide to Tapping into Your Deep Beauty and Inner Worth” is celebrating its big Worldwide book launch on May 8, 2019.  

 CAROLYN A. BRENT is an award-winning bestselling author and a National Physique Committee (NPC) Masters Women’s Figure Champion at age 60. She is an expert on both self-care and caregiving; she is the founder of Across All Ages and two nonprofit organizations, CareGiverStory Inc. and Grandpa’s Dream.  Carolyn’s written works are in the Library of Congress the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and numerous other medical centers and universities. 

Yesterday, Carolyn visited Morgana Rae in Long Beach, CA, the USA where she interviewed Carolyn on the subject of Reclaim our health and wealth, Connection between health and money for women and Relationships.      

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Carolyn when I got to ask her on the subject of Sabotaging discipline, Skill & Mindset and Long-term discipline. I hope you enjoy it. 


KATHY PALOKOFF: What suggestions do you have to keep distraction from sabotaging discipline? 

CAROLYN A. BRENT: Kathy, I love this question. Over the past ten years, thousands of my readers around the Globe have asked me the same question. I will forever say, “You’ve got to reach a point that you are tired of being sick and tired of allowing anything to stand in your way. And, you must have “intentional” actions towards staying focused on discipline and self-care.”   

Most importantly is self-honesty. Many people say they want to be disciplined, but why do they purchase junk-food verses selecting healthier choices at the grocery store? This is a clear example of sabotaging self-discipline. I know for a fact, when a person is honest with themselves—this is where discipline or the lack thereof begins. 

To achieve the act of discipline, you’ve got to develop a made-up mind that you are the authority of your health, finances and spiritual well-being. Which, we are all inevitably responsible for our own health & wellness; as well as being our own self-care advocate.    

Yes, those ugly distractions will forever come our way. That’s guaranteed. But you cannot allow the distractions to stand in your way when it comes to your health.  When the distractions come– get up, get out, and keep on moving towards your destiny. When you fall, just get right back up!  And believe me, in time you will get there. “Press on until you win. DON’T QUIT!”   

 The following steps are powerful SAFEGUARDS that will help you reach your destiny.  

  1. Write down your health GOALS.   
  2. Be sure your goals are specific, measurable and attainable.  
  3. What is your intentional health goal dates?  
  4. What are you willing to give up for better health?  
  5. What are you willing to do differently?  
  6. Create your wellness team: Coach, Mentors, Health Educators, Cheerleaders, and a special friend, that will be there for you every step of the way.   
  7. Are you willing to delay pleasure to WIN? 

KATHY PALOKOFF: Why can a person be so disciplined in many things in his or her life, but not when it comes to self-care? 

CAROLYN A. BRENT: It’s all about recognizing health as your top priority.  I firmly believe there is nothing more significant in life that can “beat” having good health.  

Unfortunately, we live in a world where careers, money, power, fame, greed, and fortune has taken our focus off of practicing good self-care habits. Instead, have we really traded-in practicing self-care for “mo“ stuff  and “mo“ money?  

When one loses sight of having good health for stuff; it’s like running on the endless treadmill like a hamster, running, running, and running–going absolutely nowhere. Why? Because that bright and shiny new object called stuff, has taken full priority over practicing good healthy daily habits; which require lots of work, and discipline too.  

Over time, the hamster that has been running at a fast pace on that endless wheel of life for “stuff” will inevitably breakdown. That is when one will recognize that no amount of money or stuff can“beat”having good health. So, why wait? Make having good health a top priority; over time your effort will turn into healthy daily habits.  Learn more: Chapter4 Why We Resist Self-Care. 

KATHY PALOKOFF: Do you need a different skill and mindset in practicing long-term discipline that forms habits versus short-term discipline that accomplishes a task? 

CAROLYN A. BRENT: I love this question. Why? Because we live in a world where we want to have “things” including good health in an instant. I will forever say; Rome was not built overnight.  

The key to achieving the skills & mindset towards healthy discipline habits are:

  1. You must have a “made up mind” to take one-step-at-a-time to have better health. 
  2. If you need to start out with taking only a baby-step–then master that baby-step towards good healthy daily habits.  
  3. Once you’ve mastered that one-step, then, that’s when you will know it’s the right time for you to “rev up” your wellness game.  

A great way to get started is to create a custom wellness plan and master it. Before you know it, your body will crave healthy foods, exercise, meditation and the deep beauty that is already in our soul.   

EASY STEPSKeep it Simple 
Create Your Wellness Plan in Writing & Join free meet-up wellness & fitness groups that will keep you excited, and accountable: 

  • Daily goals: Review and assess; make adjustments.  Work towards mastering it!  
  • Weekly goals: Review and assess; make adjustments.  Work towards mastering it! 
  • Monthly goals: Review and assess; make adjustments.  Work towards mastering it! 
  • Yearly goals: Review and assess; make adjustments.  Work towards mastering it! 

Keep in mind, your self-care goals are not a race– you are your only competition. When you cheat, and we all do…just remember you’re cheating on yourself.   Remember, start your wellness at your own pace, and master it! Then move on to your next wellness step, and master it, and so on…  Before you know it, you will feel and see amazing results in time.  “Press on until you win. DON’T QUIT! Learn more: Chapter 7  Why Discipline Is Important.  


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About Carolyn Brent

Dr. Carolyn A. Brent, is an award-winning bestselling author and a National Physique Committee (NPC) Masters Women's Figure Champion at age 60. She is an expert on both self-care and caregiving; she is the founder of Across All Ages and two nonprofit organizations, CareGiverStory Inc. and Grandpa's Dream. Carolyn's research and extensive collection of published works have made her a notable figure in her field. For seventeen years, she worked for some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and has worked as a volunteer at various assisted-living facilities. Her award-winning books include The Caregiver's Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself and The Caregiver's Legal Survival Guide: Navigating through the Legal System.

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