Affordable Health Care Options

Find affordable health care

Medicare for Seniors
Compare Providers, Plans and Options. Sign Up Online for More Info.

Providing Medicaid health care for You and your family. Find out here:

NORC – National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center
Provides support, technical assistance and training to the state programs and their local networks. Includes news and a search function.

Patient Assistance Programs – Prescription Drugs for the Uninsured
Are you looking for help with your prescription drug costs? Browse through over 1000 patient assistance programs designed to help those in need.

Social Security Disabled
Apply for Social Security Disability or Appeal previous case

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Find tools, work sheets and tips on how to plan, prepare and succeed as a caregiver.

American Senior Benefits Association – Targeted Advocacy and…
ASBA is now a non-for-profit organization focused on advocacy and education for men and women age 50 and better.

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