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Learn more about Carolyn A. Brent’s lifework as an eldercare/caregiver legislation advocate. Brent’s Award-winning, Bestselling book (s): The Caregiver Companion is located in The Library of Congress, Universities such as; Johns Hopkins Medical Library, Colleges, Public Libraries both National and International. All Retail Outlets where books are sold.

Library Journal
“Not limited to addressing the needs of Alzheimer’s patients, this compact manual from Brent, founder of Caregiver Story and Grandpa’s Dream, two nonprofit organizations geared toward providing comprehensive support for caregivers, walks readers through the crucial issues of moving their aging loved ones into an assisted-living facility as well as discussing emotional, medical, legal, and financial issues with them. Checklists are provided for gathering important information. A particularly helpful chapter delves into the frequent dilemma of dealing with the loved one’s resistance to even talking about these issues.VERDICT An excellent, comprehensive guide to everything both new and seasoned caregivers need to know.”

—Angela D. James, MBA
The brand “Across all Ages” has evolved from the infancy of “Caregiver’s Story,” a personal experience which turned into a book (s) examining the psychological, emotional and financial hardship Carolyn A. Brent experienced, based on vexatious litigation; a label the California Legislators termed it. While this brand continues to drive her body of work to the Best Seller’s list daily and keeps it in the Library of Congress as a resource for Caregivers; Thorndike Press has made it available in hardcover to colleges and universities. The brand continues to grow and is applicable across all ages.

“Across All Ages” has now become the flagship of the brand’s platform to encompass self “Wellness,” which is something often forgotten by caregivers. Some people never recover from the kind of trauma vexatious litigation inflicts on them and that Brent found herself entangled in.

She not only recovered mentally, she found ways around her physical challenges to esteem her with not one, but three national Body building awards; second and first place respectively. This is why she battles on two fronts today: one is an advocacy campaign on “wellness.” Brent embodies what it means to truly age gracefully and without fear. “Wellness is not something we talk about it is something we live. It begins on the inside, but the manifestation of “Deep Beauty” flows like blood through your veins and marrow to your bones:” While the other component of her life’s blood is to ensure that laws are changed to prevent others from experiencing the totality of damage to an individual when vexation litigation is brought against them.

About Carolyn Brent

Dr. Carolyn A. Brent, is an award-winning bestselling author and a National Physique Committee (NPC) Masters Women's Figure Champion at age 60. She is an expert on both self-care and caregiving; she is the founder of Across All Ages and two nonprofit organizations, CareGiverStory Inc. and Grandpa's Dream. Carolyn's research and extensive collection of published works have made her a notable figure in her field. For seventeen years, she worked for some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and has worked as a volunteer at various assisted-living facilities. Her award-winning books include The Caregiver's Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself and The Caregiver's Legal Survival Guide: Navigating through the Legal System.

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